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Their Relationship

Trunks and Marron are the children of two of the Z Fighters (Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Marron is the daughter of Krillin). Due to their parents' alliance, Trunks and Marron have known each other all of their lives and get along good. Marron looks up to Trunks as an older brother and Trunks often plays with her. Their relationship is more of a brother-sister than a romantic. They often played together as children but drifted apart as teenagers as their personal lives became busy. They rekindled their friendship as adults but overall they remained good friends.


  • Trunks is five years older than Marron.
  • Marron often prefers to visit Trunks' house not only to enjoy its luxuries but because she says she has so much fun with Trunks.
  • Trunks and Marron's friendship is complex because Marron's father, Krillin, came close to killing Trunks' father, Vegeta, when the latter first came to Earth. Also noted is that Marron's mother, 18, was meant to kill Vegeta when she was released by Dr. Gero.